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Confidence Coffee House Events for Women

Without wishing to exclude the wonderful men in our lives I initially created the Confidence Coffee House events for women, in local cafes for a few reasons. Firstly as a woman myself I appreciate that we often have to balance many different roles, we may be wives/partners, mothers, daughters, friends, cooks, bottle washers and taxi drivers and that often grabbing valuable ‘me’ time at best seems like a luxury saved for birthdays and special events, and at worst like the unachievable.

The bit of ‘me time’ I enjoyed the most centred around having a chat with a friend over a coffee (and on occasions wine and cake – I am no angel!) and putting the world to rights with a mutual sharing of what had happened since we’d last got together and providing support and an empathetic listening ear. Secondly I have always had a passion for self-development and have devoted most of my career to providing learning solutions to others. This, however can be costly and time consuming so I came up with idea of providing affordable bite-sized learning solutions in the evenings at local coffee houses so we could re-create together those wonderful ‘me-time’ moments while learning at the same time… and so Confidence Coffee House became a reality.

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