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Jane Ayrton therapy confidence

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Throughout my career and even during my time at school and college, I experienced dips in confidence and have at times felt anxious and de-motivated which ultimately held me back from achieving what I really wanted to do. I have been very fortunate over the last 20 years to work in the area of learning and development and have, and continue to be, fascinated by human behaviour, the power of the mind and how our self-confidence can significantly affect our performance. Having decided that I didn’t want to be held back any longer I set out on a quest to develop my confidence as a Learning and Development specialist and decided with the support of my husband and family to take an Honours Degree in Education and Training, while working and bringing up two young children.

In 2004 I set up my own business and during that time worked with some great companies, providing a wide range of tailored learning and development solutions. I became a Career Coach for a global consultancy supporting individuals from both public and private sector organisations to achieve their career goals post redundancy as well as delivering change management and workplace wellness workshops.

Based on my own experience and from developing others I strongly believe that self-confidence is at the heart of who we are and comes into everything we do; the more of it we have the more successful and happy we can be. So In 2015 I decided to create Confidence Coffee House, a metaphorical place to go to take time out to talk about you and using a blend of one-to-one coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and tailored learning events, support individuals to develop their overall confidence.


Qualifications and Accreditations

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach (Dip.C.Hyp.NLP)

Open College Diploma in Confidence Building (using Compassion Focused Therapy)

Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy

NLP Practitioner

Certificate in Training Practice (Assoc Cipd)

BA (Hons) Education and Training


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