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Developing Self-confidence : Part 1

Overcoming fear, self doubt and limiting beliefs

Identify what’s holding you back personally and professionally by exploring ways to overcome fear and self-doubt; and question any limiting beliefs in order to increase self-confidence.

coffee confidence pack

Developing Self-confidence : Part 2

Acknowledging and Celebrating your Inner Strength and Talents

Tap into your valuable resources and learn how to use them in situations that are currently outside your comfort zone, by pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, distinguishing between desire and determination and assessing your motivation to achieve your goals.

coffee confidence pack

Developing Self-confidence : Part 3

Enhancing your Communication and Influencing skills

Learn how to be more assertive and influential; and get what you want without affecting your relationships by exploring how assertive and influential you already are and how to enhance your skills further.

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Creating a Happy and Healthy Work-Life Balance

Explore ways to achieve a happy and healthy work-life balance.

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Mindfulness and Relaxation

An introduction to practicing mindfulness and how it can improve your overall wellbeing

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Developing Positive Relationships

Explore ways to develop new relationships or improve the ones that you already have, by looking at the importance of trust, compassion, and how to accept differences.

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Developing your Career

Consider where your career is headed and make time to consider what you are good at, what you are interested in and what options and opportunities could be available to you.

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Managing Stress and Developing Resilience

Maintain your health and wellbeing by learning how to manage your stress levels and develop your resilience when dealing with life’s challenges.

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Developing Your Presentation Skills

Develop your confidence when communicating with others either on a one to one basis, in groups or when delivering presentations and explore how to prepare effectively, overcome the jitters and improve your delivery.

coffee confidence pack

Tackling Challenging Situations at Work and Home

Develop your skills and confidence with handling challenging situations at work or at home.